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It is located on the river of Azmak in Akyaka and you can feel yourself at your home while watching the sunset and bird paradise from the balconies in 18 rooms that have wonderful atmosphere. It is a wonderful holiday while you are drinking warm wine against the fireplace with the endless enjoyment. Kerme Ottoman family is always with you in order to make you feel happy and they are proud you to host at their home with their staff who provide a service with happiness and hospitality. All of them wait on you like walking on air.
Although our Konak is away from the beach nearly 500 meters the beach will be closer to you while you are walking between the poplar trees with nature. If you desire you can see the coves with a private boat tour and you can have a good day eating the fish that you catch on the blue waters.

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The arrangement of the environment by humankind first started in the darkness of Stone era. Once the natural shelters were starting to be inadequate, they started building their own. After a while as more shelters were built , there were arenas, streets and districts developed. All these developments was a foundation for the evolution of humankind.
The structures which are built by humankind for their survival are called incorporate architecture or civil architecture. All these structures were formed depending on the weather conditions, geographical topography, material variety, life style and economical outcome of the region.
After moving to Anatolia the Turkish race which had chosen to be nomad back in Central Asia, became settled. After the settlement the products of incorporate architecture started to get developed. As a result, the evolution of local, regional and national architecture had begun...!
The values which help a nation to be a real nation are the unity of the language, religion and race. In other words, the basic needs of being a nation are the unity of culture values, the roots of the culture, customs, traditions and beliefs. In the unity of culture values, the evolution of architecture language with incorporate architecture earn importance. And this architecture language is assorted by the change in regions and creates the values of traditional civil architecture. All the products of civil architecture (out of architect and drawing products) compose our national and public architecture.
The inherited national architecture of ours, which has an important role in creation of a real nation, has to be protected, kept alive and permanent...!As a result, we would be attached to our national values and by carrying it to the next generations we would complete the most significant duty for our nationality...!
Nail Cakirhan, an important news writer and an author, first started Akyaka Homes in 1970 by erecting his own house with the help of carpenters from Ula. His house in Akyaka, which had won a award called Aga Han, played an important role in keeping incorporate architecture and local architecture alive and happened to be a reference to all our nation. In addition, it had a great support on keeping the civil architecture values and architecture culture alive.
A patio and a courtyard, two important characters of our rich architecture culture, can be observed in Nail Cakirhan's house in Akyaka. His house had became a reference in terms characteristics of local structures to those who started building in 1975. In addition, with the support of the Akyaka vicinity and our architect colleagues, the incorporate architecture had become the description of Akyaka. The most significant participators of this description or Ula and Mugla civil architecture samples.
As the interpretation of our incorporate architecture has won the award of Aga Han, the local, regional and the protection of our national architecture, its durability and keeping it alive has proven to be an important act. First of all and essentially those who are responsible for the development of the new construction laws, the land use laws, the regulations and also all governors and architects should be the supporters of our Turkish civil architecture and identify it directly, face to face and unconditionally.
A little judgment of our near past...!
The modern architecture trend, western mimicry, which had started with concrete in 1940s, came to point of denialing our own architecture culture...!
Tin jars
Tin boxes
Concrete walls
Have started invading our country...!
And still the invasion is keeping spreading...!
The architects, who are advocates of this invasion, have dissolved in to the race of forming the best looking building denying our national values rather than producing out of exceptional and proper buildings...!
In this invasion, I would like to thank and present my greetings to Sedat Hakki ELDEM, who is an important, successful architect and my colleague, due to his productions which are attached to our local, regional and national architecture values standing away from the denial of the universal architecture and also his great supports towards keeping our national architecture alive and together.
We as architects have a significant responsibility in keeping our national architecture, regional architecture and local architecture alive and active. In order to keep our architecture language active; The Ottoman and Seljuk compositions should be precisely analyzed and interpreted in the perspective of contemporary structure. And we as architects should carry the responsibility, hope and the belief to complete our designs attached to these values...!
The Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish architecture values which are very rich and the basics of our national architecture should be carefully examined and reflected in our designs in order to arrive to the precise and correct conclusion...!
The interpretation of universal architecture language with national, regional and local architecture language over the same platform will bring perfection to our architecture World and will be a solution for the change of the western mimicry which denies our architecture culture...!
We should leave our untouched culture without degeneration as a legacy to the following generations...!

The mansion our unique beauty always to share with you, arranging media in your request accordance to your shots, supplies you with confortable shooting while with our help we can in the preparation of your team welcomes the best way heaviest guests, business as taking into consideration the advantages that shooting the denominator.

The meeting with our home ownership, the main courtyard mansion or breakfast / our department used as a meeting room; presentation, aesthetics, layout and prepare any way with our equipment, the best way to represent your company with our professional staff and we are proud to welcome your guests.
With the pride of being with you on your happiest day, weeks of study results Kerme Ottoman Konak family to turn the wedding of your up to the finest detail an interest imaginary those of your reality are waiting for you all departmant to create a fully imagined those of your results presentation flavors work related.

Standart Room

We have totaly 4 standart Rooms on the second floor; 2 units with river views, 2 with mountain views.


• Twin Bed • Safe box • Kettle
• Minibar • Hair dryer • LCD TV
• Internet • Phone • Bathtub
• Balcony • Air Cond • Fan
• Max. For two

Corner Room

We have 8 corner rooms on the first and second floor. There are 4 units with river views and 4 units with mountain views.
• Double Bed • Safe box • Kettle
• Minibar • Hair dryer • LCD TV
• Internet • Phone • Max. For two

First Floor Rooms: Bathtub, Air Cond, Fan, Frenc Balcony, Balcony, Fireplace

Second Floor Rooms : Bathtub, Air Cond, Fan, Cumba, Balcony, Fireplace

Duplex Room

Our duplex rooms are a total of 2 rooms with mountain views, is located on the first floor of our mansion.


• Double Bed • Safebox • Kettle
• Minibar • Hair Dryer • LCD TV
• Internet • Phone • Bath Tube
• Balcony • Air Cond • Fan
• Living Room • Mezzanine • Max. For 4 Pax

Suit Room

We have totaly 4 Suite Room on 3rd Floor in Konak Hotel. 2 overlooking to the river, 2 with mountain view.


• Double Bed • Safebox • Kettle
• Minibar • Hair Dryer • LCD TV
• Internet • Kitchenette • Max. For 4 Pax

Rooms overlooking to the river: Living Room, Bed Room, Wardrobe Room, Air Cond, Fan, Terrace, Shower, Fire Place

Mountain View Rooms: Living Room, Bed Room, Wardrobe Room, Air Cond, Fan, Terrace, Shower